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Bone & Soft-Tissue Grafting

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If you’re planning on getting dental implants or dentures to replace missing teeth, you might need to have a bone or soft-tissue graft before you’re a viable candidate. Bay Dental Group provides exceptional bone and soft-tissue grafting for patients in San Jose, California. To get started, book a consultation today by calling the office or using the convenient online tool.

Bone & Soft-Tissue Grafting Q & A

What is bone and soft tissue grafting?

Bone and soft tissue grafting is a procedure that augments or adds volume to the bone tissue in your jaw or the soft tissue in your mouth. The process is performed in-office and involves the placement of grafting material into your jawbone.

Your physician obtains grafting material from one of several viable locations throughout your body. This approach of using your own bone to supplement tissue loss elsewhere in your body is called an autogenous bone graft. Your body will usually reincorporate the newly placed tissue, thereby providing a better foundation for a dental implant.

Why would I need bone and soft tissue grafting?

Bay Dental Group commonly performs bone and soft tissue grafts before patients receive dentures or dental implants. Because dental implants anchor to and fuse with your jawbone, you need to have enough bone tissue in your jaw to provide substantial support. 

When you’re missing teeth for an extended period, your jawbone begins to deteriorate, or resorb, so many patients who are getting dental implants need to augment their jawbone before they can have their implants placed.

First-time denture patients also frequently get bone grafts before receiving their dentures. Because the jawbone tends to deteriorate when it’s not stimulated, it’s usually a good idea to strengthen the bone tissue before getting dentures. 

What are the different types of grafts?

Sinus lift

A sinus lift is a bone graft that your dentist performs on the upper portion of your jaw. Even when patients have a healthy amount of bone tissue, this can be a challenging place to insert dental implants because of the proximity of the jawbone to the sinus cavity. In a sinus lift, your dentist lifts your sinus membrane and places grafting material into the area between it and your jawbone.

Ridge augmentation

Ridge augmentations are a more involved form of bone graft that heightens and widens your jaw to increase your bone density. They’re typically performed on patients who have issues with their alveolar ridge bone.

Soft tissue grafts

Bay Dental Group performs soft tissue grafts to help patients who need an augmentation. They’re most commonly performed on patients who are suffering from gum disease and have exposed tooth roots, though they can also be done to correct an uneven gum line.

Your dentist takes a small piece of soft tissue from your mouth and surgically implants it in the area of your mouth where you lack soft tissue.

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