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Everyone wants a healthy mouth and a bright smile. However, there are certain conditions that can negatively impact your overall oral health. Fortunately, professional periodontics care can help. The expert team at Bay Dental Group in San Jose, California, has extensive experience helping patients prevent and overcome periodontal disease. Call or go online today to schedule your first appointment.

Periodontics Q & A

What is periodontics? 

For some, maintaining a healthy mouth comes easily. However, there are many oral diseases and conditions that can occur as a result of improper oral care habits, disease, and genetics. While there are many specific diseases, periodontal disease is a term that encompasses all types. 

These diseases can have many unpleasant and harmful outcomes, including gum and tooth loss. Fortunately for those who suffer from periodontal disease, there are treatments available. Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses exclusively on treating and preventing these inflammatory diseases. 

What are some examples of periodontal disease?

Periodontal diseases are caused by inflammation in the gums and surrounding tissues. This inflammation is caused by a buildup of bad bacteria, leading to an inflammatory response. There are several stages of periodontal disease, ranging from mild to severe. Gingivitis is an early-stage periodontal disease, during which time the gums are the only tissues affected.

If left untreated, however, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis. Periodontitis involves the surrounding ligaments and bones and eventually causes the tissue surrounding the teeth to pull away and form pockets of plaque and bacteria. Eventually, this can lead to tooth loss. While it is preventable, periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. 

How can periodontal disease be treated?

As with many medical conditions, the best way to take care of periodontal disease is to avoid getting it in the first place. Proper oral care habits like brushing and flossing your teeth are important.

In addition, eating a healthy diet and refraining from smoking are also critical to maintaining the health of your gums and teeth. Taking certain medications can also make it more likely that you will develop periodontal disease, in which case switching to different medications may help. 

Furthermore, regular professional teeth cleaning helps to eliminate harmful bacteria-trapping plaque from building up, thus minimizing your chance of developing periodontal disease. 

To learn how you can take care of your oral health and avoid periodontal disease, call or go online today to schedule your first appointment with the expert team at Bay Dental Group.